Fit-Out Finds: The Ballo

Designed by Don Chadwick, the Ballo is an innovative take on traditional ball chairs, allowing freedom and flexibility. Meaning ‘to dance’ in Italian, Ballo invokes a sense of poise, fluidity and movement and we couldn’t wait to test it out!

Bright and playful, with an innovate design resonant of an exercise ball it was love at first sight. The ergonomics of the Ballo makes movement effortless and allows you to feel you’re getting a workout from the comfort of your desk. With a counterweight in its base and integrated hand-holds it remains upright and can be moved around the office for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions. Made from non-slip TPV material it’s as durable as it is flexible.


Extensive research concludes that productivity thrives in environments where employees are comfortable. Flexibility and the ability to move in the workplace are becoming increasingly important for the overall wellbeing and comfort of employees. The Ballo is ideal for increasing flexibility in the office. The dynamic nature of the Ballo allows it to integrate into a range of environments from open-plan desk spaces, to break-out areas to boardrooms.

We’ve placed ours in the hub of our break-out area so we can grab it for a spur-of-the-moment design workshop.

Fun, unique and versatile – the Ballo is everything a multifunctional stool should be and is the perfect supplement for the modern office workspace. It’s a ten out of ten from us.



  • On time, on budget, all satisfied and our business is up and running. What more could you ask for?

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  • We were very impressed with the design and you listened to what we wanted rather than just told us what you thought we should have.



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