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What are Oktra Reach’s core beliefs?

“First-class relationships: we see each of your requirements as an opportunity to exceed your expectations. Earning your respect and trust through exceptional service, guidance and end results. Proven experience: with over 100 cumulative years experience in the interiors and facilities sectors, we can quickly respond to your needs, understanding the technical requirements involved and delivering high quality solutions each and every time.”

Can you outline Oktra Reach’s approach to delivering a successful project?

“No two projects are the same for us and we evaluate each requirement on the client’s vision and needs. However, we do have a series of simple, flexible processes that we follow to ensure each phase is handled with the utmost care and consideration.

How do Oktra Reach ensure they provide a sustainable offering?

“We understand that the solutions we create today will impact the environment of tomorrow and that every one of us has the potential to make a great difference. We help our clients save energy and meet their carbon reduction commitments through green office design. We focus on limiting our own impact through reducing waste, saving energy, responsible procurement and nurturing a green office. We have set commitments to ensure that we meet and surpass our recycling and recyclable standards. We aim to cut energy consumption by utilising efficient lighting, air-conditioning and heating processes; offering expert advice to our clients on how they might do the same. We think locally for our complete supply chain of products and services and with a strong network of suppliers, we use green manufacturers that don’t cost the Earth. Giving employees the right technology and tools are only the first steps in creating a positive change. Our project managers are trained in the latest sustainability programmes to help promote and educate an environmentally-aware workforce”

What advice would you give to a company considering a fit-out project?

“Firstly, prioritise what is important about the project and what you’re looking for. Then, make a shortlist of potential companies and check for a proven track record, such as case studies in your industry sector and the type of work you’re thinking of undertaking. Ask yourself – ‘have they completed a project similar in scale and scope to yours?’  And always ask for onsite meetings, referrals testimonials from previous clients, this will help you ensure you are making the right decision.



  • On time, on budget, all satisfied and our business is up and running. What more could you ask for?

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  • We were very impressed with the design and you listened to what we wanted rather than just told us what you thought we should have.



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