Office Design Aftercare

Our client services team was specifically set up to provide planned, documented and scheduled maintenance long after you have moved in. A reactive approach to maintenance means waiting for something to break before you fix it. At Oktra Reach we offer planned preventive maintenance with monthly scheduled inspections to anticipate any disruptions before they become a problem. Our experienced team will ensure your people, operations and workplace can continue to perform with our preventive packages. We offer quick responses and solutions for all your workplace maintenance requirements. If you need it fitted or repaired, installed or assembled, our fully-trained support team will deliver an efficient, well priced and reliable service – allowing you to focus your time on other areas.

Our Planned Preventive Maintenance packages include but are not limited to:

  • Schedule maintenance of mechanical and electrical plant and equipment
  • Routine testing of life saving system
  • Ongoing aftercare and support
  • Churn
  • Reconfiguration
  • Additional power and data
  • Decoration
  • Art work
  • Flooring
  • General maintenance
  • Building regulations guidance
  • Electric testing and certification
  • Audio visual, furniture

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